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List of responses
Date Title
15/6/16 LAANC Response to CAA Consultation on proposals for a revised airspace change process, CAP 1389
8/14 APPG Heathrow Noise Inquiry
31/1/14 Second Stage Night Flying Restrictions Consultation
4/13 Night Flying Restrictions Consultation
21/10/12 Draft Aviation Policy Framework Consultation
19/10/12 Transport Select Committee on Aviation Strategy
7/9/12 Heathrow Freedoms Trials - Stage 2 - Night Flights
2/3/12 Regulating Air Transport: Consultation on Proposals to Update the Regulatory Framework for Aviation
20/10/11 Developing a Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation
10/11 A note on the Government Response to the Committee on Climate Change Report on Reducing CO2 Emissions from UK Aviation to 2050
1/8/11 Review of Heathrow’s noise mitigation schemes
26/1/11 Future Airspace Strategy for the UK 2011 - 2030
24/2/09 Transport Select Committee - Use of Airspace - Summary of the Issues
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