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Who we are

LAANC, the Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council, was founded in the 1960s as an umbrella local authority organisation representing the interests of residents around Heathrow. The objectives of LAANC are to examine all problems arising from the nuisance of aircraft noise, both in-flight and on the ground. An Executive Committee and Director provide a focus for the work of LAANC which is self-financing from member subscriptions.

No full-time staff are employed, but through a unique working partnership local authority officers and elected members, LAANC has achieved recognition as an expert body in the area of aircraft noise. LAANC sends representatives to both the main Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC) and technical working groups.

Although representing the interest of the community, LAANC is not just another pressure group. Within LAANC membership is to be found a considerable body of expertise; most of the local authority experts on aircraft noise are to be found within LAANC.
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